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A simple start

Most of us dream of a nicely decorated home, but do not always have the funds to turn your house into the Buckingham palace right away. That’s why you should carefully plan before starting to renovate. Start small, and do not try to renovate the whole house in one month… As they say ” Rome wasn’t built-in one day”, but they finished it!

Start with one room at a time, and do not move on to the next if you are not a 100% satisfied with what you have accomplished. Also be clever when you throw out old furniture, that old bedside table might be the perfect addition to your new retro living room and it can save you money by not having to replace it with an expensive knock off table owned by thousands of other people.

Look for fresh ideas, put them all in a folder and analyse them once you have enough. Circle what you like about each idea and try to incorporate it in your design. That is the easiest way to knowing what you want. Also do not be afraid to experiment with colours and different types of finishes. It’s really fun and organised to put everything in a scrapbook form, that way you can easily access your ideas. Make sure to keep in mind what you want to accomplish and try not to over decorate your room, or it might end up looking like a pawn shop.

Nowadays there are so many apps and aids available (such as our renderings, pictured above) to help you with stylish ideas and even visualisations. There are people who can help you with designing and planning your perfect renovation. As I have said many times, always make sure to use trusted and well-known people for the job.

– By FFC

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