Fairytale Ending – FFC Joinery

Fairytale Ending – FFC Joinery

We have reached completion on a very special Joinery Installation. This particular home is very dear to us, as we have been privileged to be part of it from the very beginning of the home construction, watching this rough diamond transform into an absolute Fairy Tale home. We are so excited to show you our loyal followers and clients the Joinery that we have proudly manufactured and installed at this home with a mountainous view.

Oak has been a very prominent feature, and we have used this luxurious wood in creating the most intricate wall slatted cladding, a bespoke bookshelf, glamorous TV Units, alluring fireplace cladding,  a luxurious cladded staircase,and so much more.

We hope you enjoy these phenomenal pics, stay tuned as there is more to come!

Proudly FFC!   

Email us at we-are@fieldfamilycupboards.co.za to enquire!

FFC “Where Excellence Comes Naturally!”                                                                                                          

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