FFC sealing and staining processing

FFC sealing and staining processing

At FFC we stand confidently being the best Joinery Company, one of the reasons is because we use only the best products available to seal and preserve your Joinery and ensure longevity!

Rubio Monocoat Oil is one of our personal favourites, when it comes to sealing wood, as its products protect and stain wood in one single layer without overlaps, and is available in 40 colours, with natural ingredients thanks to molecular bonding.

We used 5% Smoke Rubio Monocoat to stain and seal these gorgeously bespoke His and Hers Calm White Oak Pajama Lounge Cupboards, the Calm White Oak Bedroom Door, as well as the Calm White Oak Bathroom Vanities. Don’t you just love the end result?

Email us at iamffc.co.za to enquire or visit www.iamffc.co.za.

FFC “Defined by Refinement. Distinguished by Itself.”

Rubio Monocoat
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