FFC Joinery – We create Hearty Warmth

FFC Joinery – We create Hearty Warmth

At FFC whether it be a cool Autumn Season or a very cold winter season (Yes we are sending you this from a very beautiful cold and rainy Cape Town, South Africa) A fireplace combined with your TV Unit, a coffee stand or liquor cabinet incorporated, are a trio that will bring your family and friends together in the most hospitable way!

We would love to create your unique custom hearty Joinery Piece, whilst you have the vision, trust the best Joinery Company to bring your vision to life!

Email us at iam@iamffc.co.za to enquire.  or visit our Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Pinterest Pages to see some of our Proudly FFC Joinery Work.

FFC “Defined by Refinement. Distinguished by Itself.”

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