Custom Design Bedrooms

Custom Design Bedrooms

Your Boudoir, your place of relaxation, your personal go to space in your abode. Do you need loose-standing cabinets or built-in cupboards, floor to ceiling? Whether you want cupboards with shoe drawers or pull-out shelves or just plain and simple packing space, we can build whatever cupboards you need no matter what the finish or style you desire.

To cater for your taste we apply various wood finishes, such as hand-painted, Duco, PVC wrap or veneer to the cupboards we produce.

As much as we focus on appearance, we prioritise quality and our cupboards are fitted with our customary hinges and runners for excellent durability.

A cupboard can be made to create a dramatic focal point in your living space. If you wish to make a bold decor statement any of our cladding techniques can be applied. Mirror cladding could create a greater sense of space in a bedroom while veneer panelling or mild steel cladding add texture. Whether it be a gorgeous floating bed, and pedestals, or creating your dream vanity, we are ready to create the look you want.

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Jun 18, 2018